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Sociological Viewpoints




The journal publishes empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews and book reviews. Manuscripts on all facets of sociological inquiry are welcome. Manuscripts from related disciplines (criminology, political science, social work, etc.) are encouraged to submit work, provided there is sociological content and analysis. Graduate students are also invited to submit manuscripts for consideration.​Sociological Viewpoints is published once a year during the fall semester.

This journal is Open Access and there is no fee or membership requirements for viewing the published content. The content may be used or reprinted. 


All manuscripts undergo a rigorous review process. The journal’s editor uses the reviews from two external reviewers to make a decision to “accept for publication as submitted,” “accept with minor revisions,” “accept with major revisions” or “reject” each submission. Manuscripts that receive one or more “rejections” automatically receive a “rejection.” Manuscripts that receive two “acceptances with minor revisions” are invited to resubmit their work for a second review with the same set of reviewers. The editor makes a final call on manuscripts that receive more than one “acceptance that requires major revisions.” By signing the Transfer Agreement for Publication form, authors consent to Sociological Viewpoints copyrighting their work (please see attachment under “Important Links”). Authors will also complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

Please direct any questions to the editor:

Patricia Neff Claster, Ph.D.

Department of Sociology, Political Science and Law

PennWest Edinboro

Hendricks Hall 109 

Edinboro, PA 16444






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SV Reviewer Review Template

Revised August 30, 2020

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