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PSS Membership & Annual Conference Registration
ONE FEE this year includes BOTH:
  • One-year membership to PSS
  • Annual Conference in the fall
Please complete both steps in the blue box that says "JOIN NOW" so that we have:
  • Your contact information/membership form (this is how the conference agenda and Zoom links will be distributed), and
  • Payment through Paypal
You are invited to become a member of the Pennsylvania Sociological Society. A degree in sociology is not required . . . only an interest in the discipline. Membership has its privileges, including:
  • Establishing a network of academicians and applied sociologists dedicated to understanding and helping people.
  • Subscription to the PSS newsletter Socioline and the refereed journal Sociological Viewpoints.
  • Waiver of the $10 submission fee on any manuscripts submitted to Sociological Viewpoints for consideration of publication.
  • An annual conference in which proposal, research results, and pilot studies may be presented in an informal, collegial setting to peers for comment and review. The annual conference is held at a different location in Pennsylvania every year, and members pay a reduced rate.
  • Student paper research competition in which you can encourage and mentor high achieving students to participate in the annual conference.
  • Opportunities to hold leadership positions in a regional professional society for personal growth and development.
     By-Laws and Constitution
Join now!


It's a simple two-step process:

1) Fill out the membership form HERE, then return to this page and

2) Choose the type of membership below and tap the PayPal button to submit payment.


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