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The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden.
                           Pierre Bourdieu

The major objective of the PSS is to provide a forum for communication for sociologists working in diverse settings: education, industry, government, voluntary associations, or solo practitioners; and to increase understanding of the interplay of sociological knowledge and social research. An adjunct objective is to assist future sociologists in developing their careers.

    Membership in the PSS is open to anyone who has expressed or demonstrated an interest in the field of sociology. There are no restrictions on race, sex, age, creed, or national origin. Active members are those who paid dues for the current year.

    The PSS sponsors a professional journal (Sociological Viewpoints), an annual fall meeting, a newsletter, and numerous award competitions.

    Come in, look around, and see what we're all about.


2022-23 OFFICERS


Andrew Owen, Ph.D.

Lebanon Valley College

Immediate Past President

Darryl Hall, M.A.

Harrisburg Area Community College



Samuel Claster, Ph.D.

PennWest Edinboro



Jeffrey Langstraat, Ph.D.

Community College of Allegheny County


Editor, Sociological Viewpoints

Patricia Neff Claster, Ph.D.

PennWest Edinboro


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